Some People Who Are Enjoying Our Products!

I received the lip balms yesterday, thank you so very much! I love the balms, they smell wonderful and go on so smoothly.  L. 

Everyone is really enjoying the lip balm. Everyone is fighting for the tubes of lip balm. I personally like the tins more (they're cute). I also loved the soap, and I'll probably be placing another order soon.   L. 

Thank you for replying!  I found another use for your shampoo bar. Our washing machine broke so I have been doing laundry in the bathtub by hand. I normally use liquid shampoo on stains... well, I used your shampoo bar instead...and Voila!, it got out all the stains! E.

We bought a bar of your soap in Princeton and like it very much... We  live in Oxford and am wondering if you ever have an open house. Please let us know if one is planned. C.

I just want to say that I LOVE your soap! Also, I'm trying the lotion on my face; so far so good.

Hi Evi, I wanted to tell you how much I have used and enjoy the healing salve you gave me. I love it. I use it twice a day, especially before my therapy. I am supposed to massage my incision for about 10 min. every day to loosen it up. It works great. It glides and lasts for the whole time. Top notch stuff!! M.-Wisconsin 

I received the soaps yesterday, the box smelled wonderful!  You guys have the quickest delivery, I really appreciate that.

We have been using your soaps now for over a year. Not only does my family use your soap in the shower, but I no longer buy any expensive face wash - your soap is so excellent for skin care! Last week I had to be away from home over night, and used a store-bought soap. It felt so harsh, left a residue on my skin, not to mention the strong, artificial smell of the perfume used to scent it. To sum it up, it's the difference between eating real butter and margarine! Thank you for creating such wonderful products! I also use your lip balm "Slice," bath salts, air freshener, and body oil. I love the fact that they're not only natural, but therapeutic by way of the essential oils in them. Thank you...I'm sold for as long as you're selling!

Good Morning Evelina, I just want to tell you that everyone we gave the soap to LOVED THEM! Keep up the wonderful work. Thank you. K.- Illinois

Evelina, Got my wonderful package today, I always look forward to opening the packages! You have the best smelling items at the best prices. I'll be buying more in the near future, I really appreciate the promptness of your deliveries too! Thank you, L.- Arizona

Thanks soooo much! Sure love your business and products...keep up the great work!! H.- Wisconsin

Hello, Evelina. My name is Tomomi from Tokyo in Japan. It is your customer. Soap reached the post of my house a little while ago. Smell is very nice. It is full in feelings glad. It immediately uses it at the time of the bath of tonight. It is the enjoyment. Thank you.

Hi Evelina. I am Tomomi from Tokyo again. I'm using your soaps everyday. It's very good. My itchy skin improved it. I like "Honey and Oats" smell. I will come back again.

Hi Evelina, I have finally gotten my skin calmed down with the help of your products and the soaps that my sister sent. I will give her your web site to check out too. I hunt and fish so I am really looking forward to trying the Anise soap. I'm urging my husband to use these products as well. You probably think I ordered a lot, but I wash my hands a lot in this trade. Hope you stay in business for a long time. Thanks, M.-Wisconsin

I just love your soap and use it all the time. Keep up the good work. S.-Wisconsin

Thank you. We love you products. K.S. - Ohio

Hi Evi, Your products sell themselves and I truly think they are the best!! Would you have enough stock available to fill additional orders at this time so close to Christmas? Please let me know your thoughts! D.- Wisconsin

Have very much enjoyed your soaps. Discovered them years ago when we went to Green Lake, Wisconsin. We go back every summer and did not buy enough last year M.- California

I bought a few of your shampoo soaps in Adams, Wisconsin and I have gotten compliments and have been totally thrilled with the results! A friend requested that I order her some shampoo bars when she saw how healthy my hair looked after using them. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! R.E.- Wisconsin

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